It's amazing what can happen to your home when a water leak is a culprit.

Mold and mildew can develop in the water-damaged areas of your home, causing the surfaces of your furniture and floors to degrade and discolor.

Mold damage can be a complex problem to solve. Many people choose to ignore the problem, hoping that it will go away on its own. That is rarely the case, and if you want to avoid mold damage issues in your home or business, you need to act now. VALET RESTORATION professionals can easily remedy these problems with regular cleaning

Mold damage remediation service is a vital part of the VALET RESTORATION Company. It involves carefully inspecting your home or business to see if there are mold problems and then determining what steps need to be taken to prevent any mold growth.

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How To Spot Mold Damage Early Signs

Mold damage doesn't manifest in the form of extensive dark spots on your walls or black substances coming out from behind water pipes. Mold can take many shapes and forms, so you must know how to identify it early before significant damages occur.

You should also schedule a mold remediation service with VALET RESTORATION professionals to make comprehensive repairs as soon as any problems are noticed.

Mold damage often occurs in bathrooms or kitchen areas of your home. You find that some parts of the walls are starting to yellow or develop significant discoloration from water sitting on the surface for too long. The source is typically under a sink, plumbing pipes, or near the ceiling if moisture commonly comes down through skylights and air conditioners during thunderstorms.

All these symptoms indicate a potential problem with mold. Be sure to call us for the services you need and know your options if molds become a bigger problem in your home or business.


What Causes Mold Damage?

Mold spores can be carried by many common indoor materials, such as furniture, carpets, and hair and skin. Indoors, mold often develops from dirty areas and building materials that accumulate compost among their fibers.

One of the most dangerous molds is Aspergillus. It's a black spore-forming mold that thrives on excess moisture in poorly ventilated areas and will not release spores if exposed to moderate levels of sunlight.

Expert Services for Mold Damage Remediation

The experts provide mold Remediation & Removal expert services at VALET RESTORATION. We have worked with homeowners, building owners, and rental properties for generations to help them get back on track after a water or moisture problem in their home or business caused significant damage from mold growth.

We are experts at removing mold safely, effectively, and chemically; if that's not an option for you, then we can also do it without chemicals.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and thoroughness, so you will be back in your home or business relaxing as soon as possible.


Why Choose VALET RESTORATION For Mold Damage

Homeowners want a safe, healthy, and clean home; we offer that with our service.

Some potential reasons for hiring us are:

Super-Fast Response Time:

We are available on call 24/7 when you need mold remediation. Our response time is usually 45 minutes or less from initial contact.

High-Quality Services:

Customers can rest easy knowing they are taken care of with the highest quality service as we even provide reviews from past customers.

Our Certifications:

Relax knowing that all our staff members and we have years of experience in environmental cleanup, mold remediation, and property restoration, so you know your home is protected.

Full-Service Mold Inspection:

Instead of just providing a quote, we sit down and demonstrate how you can quickly mitigate any safety concerns and prevent mold from returning to your home.

Expert Staff with Certification:

Valet is a certified and accredited business with an A rating along with countless hours of hands-on training. You can feel confident that your home or property is in well-experienced hands.

Top-Notch Equipment:

We offer the best equipment to handle any job, from emergency responses, mold remediation, and more. We are prepared for your home or property with state-of-the-art technology.


If you have not been satisfied with our services in any way, we gladly come back and fix the problem.


Important Things to Know When Mold is Found In Your Home

- Do not touch the area when there is active mold growth. Making any contact with the place of a possible exposure can spread mold spores more profound into your home. If you find visible signs of recent moisture on walls, ceilings, or furniture, wipe away as much visible debris as possible using disposable cloths to remove most.

If you suspect that there may be a mold issue or if you have any concerns, we recommend calling an immediate professional removal service for qualified medical professionals.

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How Do I Know When I Should Call VALET RESTORATION?

Harmful mold can cause severe health complications for people and pets in water-damaged residential properties. If you suspect that your property is affected by toxic molds, contact a professional to help remove the spores before they cause any more damage.


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