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VALET RESTORATION is a full-service restoration company specializing in cleaning up flooded basements, repairing sump pumps, and other types of water damage. We have the expertise to take care of all types of flood damage, whether a basement, garage, or entire home. We have the best technology to speed up the process and get your basement or crawl space back to normal as soon as possible. Our team of professionals is available 24/7 for emergency services and will respond quickly to your call for help.

Experience Flooded Basement? We Can Help

A flooded basement can be one of the most frightening experiences you'll ever face. If your basement is flooding, we have a plan to help! We understand that as homeowners, you want to prevent damage. The right approach will ensure you get the best possible outcome when dealing with a flooded basement. Our technicians have the expertise and experience to address every situation. We use the latest technology & equipment to have a clear idea of what type of damage has occurred.

Facing a flooded basement? Let Us Fix It! If your home is flooded, it doesn't mean it will be permanent damage. The sooner we are on-site, the faster repairs can be made, which helps prevent further damage.

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What Are the Causes of a Flooded Basement?

A flooded basement is one of the most common causes of water damage. If you notice water leaking into your basement, it is essential to call a plumber immediately. The basement can be flooded due to various reasons like plumbing issues, foundation cracks, and structural damage.

Pipe Bursts

A pipe burst is one of the most common causes of a flooded basement. A pipe burst can be caused by various factors, like a damaged pipe, frozen pipes, over-pressurized pipes, etc. If you have a flood in your basement due to a pipe burst, it is important to hire a professional to get the problem solved as soon as possible.

Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks are often not noticed until a major flood occurs. When water leaks into the foundation, it can cause extensive damage to the structure. They occur due to the settlement of soil caused by heavy rain or flood water. Water is a very corrosive substance, and it will cause damage to the foundation if it is not sealed correctly.

Rainwater Seeping

Rainwater seeping can be a cause of flooded basement. It is caused by rainwater seeping through the foundation and causing damage to the basement walls. Rainwater can also collect in the foundation, especially during prolonged periods of heavy rainfall. The water then makes its way into the walls and roof, causing damage to the structure. If you are seeing this happening in your basement, it is important to contact a professional water damage contractor like VALET RESTORATION to check out the condition of your basement.

Leak in Roof or Wall

A leaking roof or wall can cause water to enter your home. It is advisable to inspect your roof and walls for possible damage and repair it as soon as possible. The water can also damage your flooring, furniture, and electrical appliances.

It is not uncommon for a ceiling to leak when there is a blockage in the pipes underneath. Water can enter through cracks in the ceiling and walls, plumbing leaks, and roof. If you notice any of these signs, immediately contact a licensed contractor.

Sewer Line Break

Sewer line break is also one of the most common causes of a flooded basement. It occurs when a sewer line collapses, and the water flows into the basement. The cause of sewer line breaks can be either age-related or due to heavy rainfall. If you notice that your basement is flooded, you should call a professional immediately.


Professional Flood Damage Restoration Services


When you hire VALET RESTORATION to come in and inspect water damages caused by leaks, they make sure that every part of your house is protected from any further issues such as mold growth and rotten wood.

Water Extraction

VALET RESTORATION provides its customers with a specialized form of dehumidification known as moisture recovery ventilation (MRV). By utilizing the flow from individual fans supplied by our in-house equipment through hundreds of small ports in each room into our carefully designed extraction system, we can reintroduce enough fresh air for occupants to stay comfortable without raising humidity levels.

Leak Detection

Our certified plumbers can detect any leak related to your septic, pipe, or drain. We will pinpoint the source of the leak with brand-new tools. We have designed for fast repairs that minimize downtime clean up by performing tasks like breaking pipes through drywall without disturbing in-place carpeting!


Our skilled electricians, experienced in dehumidification through exhaust fans and electric ventilation systems, will perform a professional drying procedure using the latest air movers.

Drain Installation

We install a new drain line without disturbing your existing installation without creating any extra damage or risk of septic overflow. We always recommend this to avoid future problems.

Mold Removal

Our Mold Remediation specialists provide professional services. We have the experience to safely eradicate molds and spores on the carpet, drywall, and other porous surfaces without expensive or risky remedial work in your home. We analyze the area impacted by mold with laboratory equipment during our inspection as part of our service agreement.


Why Choose VALET RESTORATION For Your Flooded Basement?

Highly Skilled Professionals

Our professionals are highly skilled and trained to handle an emergency. We are equipped with the right tools, equipment, training, and knowledge to provide you with the best possible solution.

Quick Response Time

We provide our services in quick response time and provide you with immediate support for your water damage restoration needs. We offer 24/7 emergency service, so no matter what time of the day or night you call us, we will be there to help you.

Equipped To Handle Any Level of Flood Damage

Our team of professionals is skilled enough to handle any level of flooding damage or water issue quickly, easily, efficiently, and effectively. We transform your damages into a presentable and safe place for you to live.

Certified Technicians

We have an extensive list of certified technicians who are well-versed with all types of basement water cleanup and flood restoration problems.


Proven Solution for Any Level of Flood Damage

Our team of experts reached quickly in an emergency. They are trained professionals who possess the right tools and equipment needed to handle any level of water damage crisis appropriately, safely, and efficiently.


America's #1 Flood Restoration Company

We work with our clients to understand the severity of their problems and tailor a customized plan for them. We are an accredited business in compliance with IICRC Standards and are dedicated to providing the best service possible!

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