Floods damage the interior of your property and cause serious side effects. The presence of moisture and dampness can lead to mold or mildew growth, which is unhealthy for your health. Drying and dehumidifying after water damage can reduce mold and mildew growth and prevent structural damage. The sooner you dry, the less likely mold will grow.

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Our Drying Process at VALET RESTORATION

Has water damaged your property? The first thing you should do is call a professional team of people to come and help clean up your damage. After assessing water damage, the next step of drying out holds immense significance.

1. The Water Removal Phase (Water Extraction)

Three different ways to remove water from your structure:

  • Physical Extraction
  • Dehumidification
  • Evaporation

Physical removal is 500x more effective than using just dehumidifiers or air movers. The more water you can extract, the quicker the structure will dry. The quality of material that gets saturated will affect how long it takes to get dry.

2. The Evaporation Phase (Enhanced Airflow)

The remaining moisture on objects is removed by using high-velocity air movers following the removal of as much water as possible. Wet things are at risk of being damaged due to continued damp conditions. We escape the water molecules from the fabric into the surrounding air by drying them.

3. The Balanced Evaporation Phase (Dehumidification)

The moisture from the objects evaporates and becomes water vapor in the air. Dehumidifier units are responsible for removing and controlling vapor levels to prevent potential and actual mold, fungus, and bacteria growth in buildings.

4. The Maintenance Phase (Temperature Control)

The blast of cold air usually used during evaporation after the initial physical removal is not enough to control the actual temperature. That can leave condensation behind on surfaces and objects that might cause moisture buildup in those areas. We're here to keep water out by heating the facilities.

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Drying Equipment Used by VALET RESTORATION

VALET RESTORATION use equipment designed to help remove standing water from any nook or corner of your property. It does so in a way that prevents further damage, making it perfect for getting your basement, garage, or other property back into shape.


Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air, which can lead to mold growth. They can reduce allergens in your indoor environment and remove unpleasant smells from your home.

  • Desiccant dehumidifiers
  • Refrigerant dehumidifiers
  • LGR - Low-grain refrigerant dehumidifiers 
  • Conventional refrigerant dehumidifiers 

Evaporation Tools:

Evaporation tools are used in the water damage drying process to remove moisture from the air.

  • Air movers
  • Structural Cavity Drying Systems
  • Floor Drying Systems
  • Air Filtration Devices – AFDs
Air Movers and Dehu
"This is the sewage water damage recovery process in a residential home. The flooring is ripped off, and the rooms are sprayed with biowash. Industrial fans and dehumidifiers is placed in the room for the drying and restoration process. The process will last 3 days.This is done to prevent mold and germs grow underneath the floor, rendering the home toxic."

Why Hire VALET RESTORATION for Water Damage Drying Process?

VALET RESTORATION has been in the water damage drying business for decades now. We know how to handle any flood or leak and safely remove all moisture from your property using best industry practices. Let us take care of everything from start to finish.

Certified Specialists 

We have the appropriate expertise in the field. We're never going to recommend anything that doesn't suit your situation, and we'll do everything in our power to fix the damage and restore your property.

24/7 Available

VALET RESTORATION is always here for you during all hours, day or night. We're ready to offer disaster relief services for any emergency, including water damage.

Customer Care

Our specialists are concerned about you and your property, and they want to help you get back to normal after water damage has been caused to your house.

High-Grade Drying Equipment

VALET RESTORATION uses modern technology in the water damage drying process to remove all unwanted moisture from your property within minutes of arrival.


How Long Can It Take to Dry Out a Property?

The quicker the water removal is, the better and faster the drying process. Most residential structures take little hours to dry, whether physical extraction or evaporation. Commercial buildings may require several hours depending on size, but this depends mainly on how well water is extracted from furnishings and other objects to make sure they become dry.


Water Damage Drying Do's

  1. Ventilate the Area: Turn on fans to provide airflow from 1 area through space, thereby drawing moisture and contaminants out of the premises.
  2. Dry out the Goods: Limit exposure of any item to the drying process by storing it in a dry, uncrowded area. Some things like clothes should be turned outside or into laundromat machines.
  3. Use the Humidifier: Humidifier is an excellent tool for drying out larger spaces such as warehouses, dormitories, and garages. It extracts moisture from the air to produce cold water vapor.
  4. Take Care of Basement: The lower levels of your home tend to be the most difficult to dry all the way. So make sure there is proper airflow being pushed up, or water will pool in these areas, too!
  5. Keep Things Outside: Whatever you can, get items out of the house to speed up the drying process. Even if it’s temporarily inconvenient, this will reduce how long your insulation dries.
  6. Monitor Conditions: Keep an eye on things like humidity – warn family members when certain levels are reached and take measures to prevent mold from growing.

Water Damage Drying Dont's

  1. Don't Remove Water Deeply: Deepwater removal will cause more damage than good. Pouring salt and other chemicals into the likely path of rising floodwaters is not a wise idea, as this can make matters worse.
  2. Don't Touch Electronics: Electronics should not be plugged in or turned on until it is confirmed that the water has been thoroughly dried.
  3. Don't Dry with Heating Sources: This can cause electric shock and other injuries due to vaporized water condensing into larger droplets at higher temperatures than the USB box temperature.
  4. Don't Allow Mold Growth: The more moisture you allow to remain after a flood, the more damage it will cause to your home!
  5. Don't Mistreat Dirt, Plaster, or Your Home: Dirt and plaster can get wet, become moldy if they are touched by water.
  6. Don't Vacuum: Electronic equipment will not make correctly dry if it is still being vacuumed, as the water is sucked inside.

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