How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Tree Removal Cost

In this blog, we will see the different price ranges for removing trees. We will also cover why the prices are different. And go through the factors that affect tree removal cost.

People remove trees from their properties for different reasons. Dead trees, unhealthy trees, damaged trees, for renovation purposes, tree touches electric lines, leaning trees, and large trees.

These are some reasons people cut down trees.

The process of cutting down trees is done by professionals. Many homeowners and businesses will reach out to a tree removal company because they want to ensure that their tree service needs are taken care of in an immediate, efficient and clean fashion.

Whether they have to deal with a fallen tree, need more information on tree removal costs, or emergency tree removal services, they will seek to work with a professional tree service company like Valet Restoration.

If you are concerned about the costs that individuals may incur from tree removal companies, when accounting for a tree stump removal, felling a standing tree, whether it be a large tree or a small tree, with many tree branches or just a few tree branches, continue to read on.

The price for removing trees differs depending on different factors.


How much does it cost to remove a tree from a property?

It usually costs about $150 – $2000 to get a tree removal service. As you can see the range in between is high. This is because the cost of the removal of trees depends on how high the tree is.

The average tree costs about $700 – $750 for removal service. 

This doesn’t mean that this is the only option. But this is the safest and best option. Hiring a professional arborist helps you avoid risky after-effects. Remember that in many cases power lines, other homes, businesses, and other aspects are around the tree.

This means that when it comes to oak tree removal, stump grinding, overgrown branches, and other elements, professional tree removal services will step in and ensure to account for it all.


Factors that affect the cost of tree removal

Several factors affect the cost of tree removal services. We have listed seven of the common factors that contribute to the cost of tree removal.


1. Size/ Height of the tree

There are three sizes. Small, Medium, and Large. A tree is considered small when it is under 30 ft. It costs around $150 – $500 for this kind of tree. Juniper and Dogwood trees are categorized as small trees.

Medium-sized trees are between 30 ft – 60 ft tall. For the removal of medium-sized trees, it costs between $600 – $1000.

Large trees are those greater than 60ft. There is no upper size limit for large trees. But trees more than 80ft tall cost higher. Large trees between $60ft – $80ft cost around $800 – $1700. And trees above 80ft cost $1500 – $3000.

Measuring the size of a tree is tricky. A tree may be small with a thick trunk. And not all trees have one trunk. A thicker trunk means more labor is needed to cut. These factors increase the cost.


2. Condition of the Tree

An unhealthy tree and a dead tree indicate the condition of a tree. A damaged tree is easier to cut as a result it costs less. A healthy or damaged tree in a dangerous location may be expensive. A dangerous location means when cut down it might cause damage to other property items.

A tree may fall due to a heavy storm or wind. If it hasn’t caused any damage, it is cheap to remove it. They can range from $100 – $300.


3. Type of Tree

Although there are different types of trees, there are some common ones. Palm trees, Oaktree, Maple trees, Pine trees, Cedar trees, poplar, and ash trees are common.

Pine Trees- These types of trees can range between being less than 10ft and above 90ft. So the cost to remove these trees is around $150 – $2000.

Maple Trees– Maple trees are generally large. As a result, it costs around $1000-$2000 to remove these types of trees.

Oak Trees- It costs around $700 – $1300 to remove oak trees. The size of an oak tree ranges between 60ft-80ft.

Cedar Trees- Just like pine trees, cedar trees also have very different sizes. It costs between $500-$2000 to remove it.


Type of Tree


4. Number of Trees

If you want to remove multiple trees from the same location, you may be charged per area. If the area has a higher density, the cost will be much more.

Light density area costs between $500-$2500. A place with higher density costs around $3000-$6000.


5. Location of your property

A company that provides tree removal services may not be near your city. It makes sense for the company to charge you for the travel. Machinery is usually needed to cut trees And it costs money to transport the machines long-distance.

If you live in a remote location you may be charged more because of your distance.


6. Urgency

If a tree has fallen and caused damage, you immediately call professionals. Like any other service emergency cost, this service costs you more.

On average, you schedule a tree removal appointment a few weeks before. But this forces you to get a solution for the damage right then and there.


7. Location of the tree

The tree you want to remove may be located at a risky place. It might be near power cables. The soil where the tree is planted may be sloped, slippery, and not stable. If the risk of damage when the tree falls is high, you will be charged more.

This is because additional heavy equipment is used to prevent the damage from happening.


Valet Restoration is Here To Offer Tree Services

As you can see, when it comes to the tree removal cost of a tall tree, its tree roots, tree species, debris removal, and more, you will see a price variance. If you are looking for assistance and need trees removed, our team at Valet Restoration today.

Call us today at (404) 900-8517 if you need a tree removed!

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