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A tree fall is a type of event that can occur when a tree falls to the ground, causing damage to your property. A tree fall can cause damage to both your home and the surrounding area. When a tree falls, it can bring down branches and other parts of the tree, as well as heavy debris. You may also be exposed to falling branches, which could injure you or others. You may need to contact a professional tree fall restoration company when this happens.


Some Reasons Trees May Fall On Your Roof

Trees can fall on roofs for many reasons, including storm damage. However, VALET RESTORATION is often called upon to repair tree damage in situations such as these:

Tornadoes can strike without warning and take down trees, sending them flying directly into your house.

Sometimes a slight thunderstorm can cause a tree or shrub to fall onto your roof.

Tropical storms:
A tropical cyclone can bring down trees with high winds and heavy rains.

Any hurricane's strength can cause severe side effects, including damage to buildings and trees.

Tree disease:
A tree that is sick or diseased is more likely to fall.

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What To Do If A Tree Falls on Your House

First, ensure that your family is safe. Then, follow these tips to restore order in your home.

Avoid Further Damage

Broken windows from a fallen tree can also cause damage to your siding or roof. Brick and stone can also be affected by the impact. Gas lines could also be damaged. Gas lines are usually buried, but they can be damaged if a tree falls in the vicinity where they enter your home. It's a good idea not to turn off gas at the meter until the lines are safe. Near the meter is a shutoff valve. You can turn the valve one-quarter turn to the right with a wrench. You should call a professional contractor to board up any broken or inaccessible windows. If you have fallen trees, contact an arborist today​​​. Call VALET RESTORATION today!


If Power Lines Are Down, Call 911 or The Electric Company

There's always the possibility that a tree will fall on a house and take down electrical power lines. That can lead to a dangerous situation, with a higher risk of electrical shock or fire. A power line that isn't connected to the electrical supply can indicate it. That could be a flickering light or no electricity in the home. You may see the power line from outside if it is in the tree. Sometimes, the downed line can still function, but it poses a danger. If you suspect or know that a tree has taken a line with it, shut off power to your breaker box. Contact the authorities and your local electric company.


Why Choose VALET RESTORATION for Tree Fall Restoration Service?

It is important to provide excellent service when dealing with fallen tree removal and Restoration.

Fast and Reliable Services

VALET RESTORATION's tree-Restoration team will be efficient and fast. They will ensure that the tree is removed from your property without causing any damage to landscaping or bio-diversity. VALET RESTORATION also gives a free estimate.

Friendly, professional staff

VALET RESTORATION's tree-Restoration team is professional and friendly. They will answer all your questions and help you feel confident in your abilities.

The Best Equipment

VALET RESTORATION only uses the most advanced tree Restoration equipment to remove fallen trees as quickly as possible without causing damage. You can be sure that your fallen tree Restoration service was well received.

Emergency Service Available 24/7

VALET RESTORATION offers tree Restoration services 24 hours a day for emergencies. You can receive tree fall removal service quickly with our 24/7 emergency service.


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