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Tree fall removal is one of the most challenging tasks a tree removal company faces. When a tree falls, it can cause extensive damage and cause serious harm to people or property. It would be best if you never used a chainsaw to remove a fallen tree unless you are properly trained and certified in doing so. If you have decided that removing your tree is not possible, some companies can do this for you.

VALET RESTORATION is one of the companies that fall in this category, and we offer tree removal services for homeowners at competitive prices. Our service begins with a comprehensive tree fall analysis using satellite imagery to create accurate measurements of fallen tree sizes and locations. These measurements will help determine an appropriate size saw for removal operations and optimal cutting methods needed to finish the work efficiently before re-planting local.

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What Happens When A Tree Falls?

The presence of any fallen tree can cause unwanted problems for people and their pets. Even if the tree is not very large or close to other trees, its size may be such that branches break and fall into nearby yards. If you live in an area where trees frequently fall (most parts of the country), this may pose an immediate danger to anyone near them, so making sure they are removed as soon as possible is essential.

A small dead or nearly dead tree can still pose a risk, though, so if you live in an area where fallen trees are common, consider taking the tree down yourself. That is a good idea if you want to take on tree removal service too, but it will also help with the safe removal of other dangerous trees such as palm fronds that can fall from large or very tall fallen trees and cause injury or death to people who may be within their range.

Why Do I Need Tree Fall Removal Services?

Safety is VALET RESTORATION's top priority. Tree removal is not only a valuable service; it can also protect you and your family from falling branches, heavy fruit, or cones. Dead trees can pose a danger to your property. Dead trees can be a nuisance and cause instability. VALET RESTORATION prioritizes preventing an accident where a dead tree has fallen over or blown over, causing property damage and putting lives at risk. The best thing to protect your family is to have the tree completely removed. VALET RESTORATION offers stump grinding services to remove your tree from the top.

 Aside from improving the appearance of your property, removal services also offer other benefits. Dead or infected trees can be a nuisance and occupy too much space. It may surprise you how simple tree removal can improve your property. You may want to make a change, even if the tree is not dead or infected. VALET RESTORATION will accommodate your needs to ensure that you have the best possible experience.


Get Expert Tree Fall Removal and Trimming Services

Your property's landscaping design and shrubbery can speak volumes about how you feel about it. Maintaining a tree in your yard is essential if you are lucky enough to have one. Trees respond naturally to their surroundings. Their branches can become unruly and wild if they are not taken care of. That can not only look bad but also pose a danger to your home.

Why should you trim your trees regularly?

  • It helps the tree to grow.
  • Encourages fruit production
  • Keeps your yard beautiful
  • Prevention of potential diseases
  • Removes dangerous dead branches

Why Choose VALET RESTORATION For Tree Fall Removal Service?

When you've fallen tree removal, the most important thing is to provide you with excellent service.

Fast and Reliable Services

VALET RESTORATION team works quickly and efficiently for tree fall removal. They ensure the fallen tree is cleared from your property, making sure not to damage any landscaping or bio-diversity in the process.

Friendly and Professional Staff

VALET RESTORATION's staff is friendly and professional. They are happy to answer any questions you might have, helping you feel confident of their abilities.

The Best Equipment

VALET RESTORATION uses only the best tree removal equipment to remove fallen trees as soon as possible and without damage. So you can rest assured knowing your fallen tree removal service has been well-received.

24/7 Emergency Service

VALET RESTORATION service is available 24 hours a day for emergencies. Our 24/7 emergency service makes it possible to receive tree fall removal service within a short time.


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VALET RESTORATION can provide the best tree care services for you, whether you need to remove trees or prune them. VALET RESTORATION's ISA-certified arborists care for your trees so that you can enjoy your property for many years. Call VALET RESTORATION today at 404-900-8517 for a tree fall removal estimate.

Do you need a tree removal service now? Don't worry; VALET RESTORATION is one of the fastest tree removal services. Quick turnarounds mean that our customers don't have to wait long for their fallen trees to dispose of promptly.


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