Tree fall damage is a serious issue that impacts the tree and our houses and lives. Tree fall damage can cause thousands of dollars in property damage to homes. VALET RESTORATION can help in a tree fall damage situation.

Facing Tree Fall Damage? VALET RESTORATION Can Help

It only takes one strong storm to bring down a once-sturdy tree in your yard. And, once the storm has passed, you may be wondering how to cope with removing the branches and restoring damage to your home or other property. If you are looking for help after tree fall damage, there is no better resource than VALET RESTORATION. VALET RESTORATION can help get it back safely and quickly because our professionals know how crucial such damage prevention tactics are in preventing property damage. Let us take care of your home or property when nature throws something unexpected at you. With 24-hour emergency service and an array of restoration services to remove debris or restore property damage caused by tree fall quickly and cost-effectively, the professionals at VALET RESTORATION can assist your needs when faced with tree fall damage situations.

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Why Do You Need Professional Help?

Tree fall damage can lead to severe property damage. The branches and wood from the tree could potentially break windows, ruin water pipes, cause extensive mold growth in a house or result in electrical fires. An experienced professional must manage your home after significant tree fall damage. You can protect your home and minimize damages by hiring VALET RESTORATION.

VALET RESTORATION Tree fall care professionals will assess the damage, create a restoration plan and perform debris removal or clean-up after that incident. Our experts can make recommendations for tree removal if necessary, as well as suggest other measures to prevent future damages from occurring in the future like watering your trees regularly and trimming any limbs protruding from the roof of your home.

Causes of Tree Fall

A Hole in the Tree's Trunk

Creating a hollow inside a tree's trunk is one of the unintended consequences of a tree trying to shed its branches through self-pruning.

Deep Cracks in the Tree's Trunk

If you notice patches of missing bark on the trunk of your tree, often known as cankers, you should have it evaluated by an arborist. Deep cracks weaken the trunk, making it more likely to constitute a safety concern.

Weak Roots

Any large tree that hasn't been given enough water regularly will develop shallow root systems. While these trees may appear in good condition, they are sometimes only hanging to the ground and can be uprooted totally if heavy weather hits them.

Damaged Roots

When work is going on in the neighborhood, roots can easily be injured. When driveways and sidewalks are built in a tree's essential root zone, the earth is compacted, suffocating the tree roots over time. When the root system is weakened by building damage and compaction, it is more prone to give way and fall under heavy rain and strong winds.


Tree Fell On My House, What Now?

Tree fall damage is a common occurrence in the United States. Storms, windstorms, and hurricanes cause it. A tree fall can cause damage to your house, garage, fence, shed, deck. This can lead to damage to the structure, including the electrical wires, telephone lines, and even the building itself. You should contact a tree removal company immediately if you suspect that a fallen tree has damaged your structure. An expert tree removal company like VALET RESTORATION will safely remove the tree without causing any damage to your house.


What To Do Until Help Arrives?

  • Stay calm
  • Don’t panic
  • Keep yourself safe
  • Try to stay out of the danger
  • Move away from the electric lines
  • If you are trapped, try to stay quiet and still until help arrives

VALET RESTORATION Tree Fall Damage Services

Why Choose VALET RESTORATION For Tree Fall Damage Services?

Experienced Professionals

Our team comprises experienced professionals who will treat your home or business with the utmost care and attention to detail. We have the experience to handle even the most difficult situations.

24/7 Emergency Service

Our professionals are available at all hours of the day, so you can always be sure that our team is capable of handling your emergency needs around the clock.

Fully Insured Services

We are fully insured and will handle any situation covered by our insurance claim. If you ever have a problem with your home or business, rest easy knowing that we can protect your assets for peace of mind.

Latest Technology

All tree removal service equipment is up-to-date and utilizes the newest technology. We are equipped to handle even the toughest of jobs with ease while still keeping safety a top priority.


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