Flooding and storm damage can happen at any time. VALET RESTORATION provides 24/7 services for those who need help after a storm.


What is Storm Damage?

Storm damage is the destructive result of weather-related events. It can include damage to the outside of your home, like your roof shingles blowing off after a windstorm or the siding of your home being dented from hail. It is very destructive in most cases, so VALET RESTORATION is here to help you in such difficult circumstances.

Why Choose VALET RESTORATION for Storm Damage?

Extensive Experience

VALET RESTORATION's staff is well-experienced with storm damage. They are ready to help you whenever they can, and they know how to use the specialized equipment needed during the process.

Fast Response Time

Because of our expertise, VALET RESTORATION has the quickest response times out of all contractors after a storm.

Quality Service

Our company provides a high-quality service. Our clients have assured premium choices in their projects.

Guarantee Work

We guarantee work on your property for maximum client satisfaction. For all of our services, we offer a risk-free option.

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Storm Damage Services at VALET RESTORATION

Roofing Service

We provide the necessary equipment to repair it and install new shingles that match the existing ones if your roof has been damaged. We will also replace any missing roof tiles.

Siding Repair and Replacement Service

If the siding has been damaged, we provide a new covering in the same color as existing or with added customizations.

Storm Cleanup Service

If trees or limbs have impacted your property, VALET RESTORATION offers services of removing debris promptly. Our staff will even clean up any garbage left on your property as well.

Overhang Extension Service

VALET RESTORATION can offer an overhang extension, a horizontal adjustment to your home for hydro-static pressure buildup. This will typically increase the roof level by about two feet.

Emergency Repair Service

At VALET RESTORATION, we provide emergency assistance by completing short-term and long-term repairs to your existing roof and structure.


Common Causes of Storm Damage


Lighting will affect your house the most by directly striking and destroying everything far and near.


It doesn't look like a big problem, but it becomes destructive when it falls for a long time.


An enormous tornado can destroy everything, and it can ruin many towns.

Straight Line Wind

In this storm damage, the things that get affected are those in his way, and it destroys everything in its line.


When a thunderstorm rolls through, it can bring torrential downpours of rain with it. This rainfall can occur within a brief period of your time, causing flash floods.


Classification of Storm Damage

According to a recent report by Harvard, storm destruction is classified into four more categories to understand more accurately.


Thunderstorms can produce many sorts of damaging weather like lightning, hail, tornadoes, straight-line winds, flooding, and more.

Derecho Storm

A derecho may be a large, violent, fast-moving complex of thunderstorms that follow each other along a path of a minimum of 240 miles, with wind gusts of a minimum of 58 mph.

Tropical Storm

A tropical storm maybe a storm system that develops in tropical environments. These storms are characterized by shallow systems and high-speed, swirling winds.


 Hurricane is that the most potent classification given to a tropical cyclone. Characterized by low atmospheric pressure systems, extremely high winds, heavy rainfall, and storm surges and swells – hurricanes that make landfall are often highly

What to Do After a Storm Damages Your Home?

  • Be careful and stay alert.
  • Assess the damage and take photos of the storm damage
  • Stop further damage.
  • Don’t Panic
  • Arrange for temporary relocation

What Not To Do After Storm Damage

  • Stay away from downed power lines.
  • Don't build a fire without preparing some wind protection.
  • Don't use generators in generator zones (noise can act as a signal).
  • Don't allow children to play on ladders or rooftops.
  • Don’t Panic
  • Don’t run blindly
  • Don’t Drive
  • Don't use pills that have nicotine in it

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