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Valet Works value your community’s reputation. This is why we only hire employees who pass our 8-Step Screening Process and exemplify Valet Works ethics and moral values.

Top Reasons to acquire our services

• Increase your asset value by adding a new revenue stream

• Average property value increases $550,000 - $1,000,000 based on a cap rate of 6 to 8 percent


• Be the first of your competitors to add these services and amenities

• Add a new, great amenity to your community with no start-up cost

Reduce Maintenance Payroll

• Work order backlogs could result in paying maintenance staff overtime

• Valet Works enables your maintenance staff to strictly focus on work orders

• Manage your community efficiently with less employees and benefit from the Obama Act

Improve Your Properties appearance

• Valet Works use leak resistance bags when carrying trash bag through hallways and down stair to prevent further damage and permanent stains to ground

• With our Landscaping Program your community will illuminate year round

• Valet Works Pressure washing service will make your community appear newer

• Reduce those dark permanent stains and odors throughout hallways


• No more trips to the dump compactor in hot, cold, or rainy weather

• No more loading trash in or on personal vehicles (show picture)

• Less trash build up in individual units; creating less damage, cleaning, and turnover fees when the tenant moves out.

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Compare our prices and quality of work with any of our competitors and you will not be disappointed!

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